G  e  o  r  g  i  a    C  e  r  t  i  f  i  e  d     P  e  e r     S  p  e  c  i  a   l  i  s   t    P  r  o  j  e  c  t
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The GA CPS Bulletin Board is a private, online forum for Georgia Certified Peer Specialists to offer each other support and feedback, share resources and information, receive CPS news and new job postings, and stay in contact with former classmates and friends. It is a safe place to discuss issues in the workplace and work together to find creative solutions. It is a place to express what it means to be a CPS.

Membership is restricted to those who have graduated and received their certification from the GA CPS Project. If you are a GA CPS and would like to join the bulletin board, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gacps/ and click the blue button that says "Join This Group", then follow the instructions.

Qualified applicants will be subscribed within 48 hours or less, and further instructions will immediately follow.


(These guidelines are automatically sent to the GACPS Bulletin Board once a month as a friendly reminder)

This board is a tool designed for resource exchanges among CPSs and applying best practices in the workplace. The guidelines are to ensure everyone of a positive, safe, and receptive environment.

1.Confidentiality (what is said on the board stays on the board). Do not forward any
  messages to a third party and do not forward third-party messages to the board.
2.Respect cultural, religious, gender, and sexual orientation differences at all times.
3.No profanity.
4.No personal attacks (flaming, shaming, or blaming)
5.No gossiping.
6.Speak only for yourself, not another CPS. 
7.If you air grievances, please help direct the discussion toward solutions. Getting
  lost in the grievances tends to foster negativity, but working together to find
  solutions fosters recovery
8.HIPPA mandates that we never disclose the names of consumers we work with.
  Please respect the privacy of all consumers you serve.