G  e  o  r  g  i  a    C  e  r  t  i  f  i  e  d     P  e  e r     S  p  e  c  i  a   l  i  s   t    P  r  o  j  e  c  t

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The Certification exam is administered several times per year, approximately one month after each training session.  The certification exam is held at the offices of the GA Mental Health Consumer Network in Decatur, GA. Training participants receive their testing date during the final day of the training. Graduates of the training are allowed to take the exam up to three times. If they have not received their certification on the third attempt, they are asked to re-take the training if they want to test again. Graduates must take the exam within one year of the completion of their training class.


First TestingJanuary 6 - 14

Second TestingMarch 31 – April 8
(Sign-up begins  March 21)

Third Testing July 10 - 18
(Sign-up begins June 27)

Fourth Testing October 6 - 14
(Sign-up begins September 19)

Fifth TestingNovember 17 - 25
(Sign-up begins October 31)


The GA CPS Project has recently established a process for those who have been certified in other states to receive their certification as a GA Certified Peer Specialist.  The process is as follows:

1.          The peer must fax a copy of their out-of-state certification to
           the GA CPS project.

2.          There will be an $85.00 exam registration fee to be paid the GA
           Mental Health Consumer Network.

3.          Preference of testing dates will be given using the following

         a.         Graduates of the most recent training class will be
                     given first preference of testing dates.

         b.         Peers who have attempted the exam at least once, and
                     who take advantage of the tutoring offered before each testing will be
                     given second preference of testing dates.

         c.         Other GA training graduates who have graduated from
                     the training will be given third preference of testing dates.

         d.         Those with an out-of-state certification will be
                     given fourth preference of testing dates on a space available basis.

4. The peer will have three (3) opportunities (including the first attempt) within one calendar year from the date of their first attempt, to take the exam to obtain their GA certification in the same manner as graduates of the GA CPS training.

5.If the peer is unsuccessful at obtaining their certification after the first try, they will be eligible for the tutoring session offered before the testing sessions or other study opportunities, such as the peer-led study group held at the Peer Support and Wellness Center in Decatur in the same manner as graduates of the GA CPS training.

For additional questions regarding the testing or certification process, please contact
Mariam Abdul-Aziz, CPS Certification Coordinator of the Georgia CPS Project at 404-687-9487 or by email at cpsproject@gmhcn.org.